Preparing for the Home Inspection

- November 28, 2019

It has always been one of my top three action items to Sellers to take care of obvious items in the house that are damaged or in need of repair before the home inspection takes place.


recent study by the National Association of Realtors showed exactly what I have seen time and time again — when you prepare for the home inspection, the sale concludes more smoothly.


When you do not prepare, you see:

  • Contracts Cancelled
  • Loss of Money ($$) Due to Buyer Requests for Repair
  • Delays in Closing


For example, if the Seller purchased the home four years ago and the oven was not working, just because you did not use the oven does not mean that it will not be called out by the inspector.

NOTE: Health and Safety items are NOT optional for repair — they MUST be done.

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